Heavy Machines - Digging Games

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Welcome to the amazing mining game and start the adventure. Be a gold miner and start extracting various metals and stones. Start exploring and start your own mining. In this game you will have to do various tasks like transporting workers, drilling stones and clearing the roads, drilling coal and extracting diamonds and exporting them and much more.

This game brings you not only mining experience but also driving experience as this game consists of driving various vehicles including heavy excavators, tractors, trucks, cement mixers and many more vehicles.

While you drive stay away from other vehicles and do not collide with other vehicles or humans. Drive carefully and complete the task assigned to you in each level. Before you start the level read the help carefully. Follow the directions to reach the destination.

* Realistic and Smooth Driving Controls
* Multiple Vehicles to Drive
* Fantastic Mining Ares
* Many Levels
* Easy and Fun to Play